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More Coaching Testimonials

This work has helped me to get back on track towards my career. You have been a good mentor for me. Your compassion and tools helped me to validate my self belief in myself. I felt fully heard and supported.

- NHS Practise Manager

Thank you Maryanne first and foremost for being so kind and understanding. I have gained so much from our sessions and feel able to deal with stress and life situations. My outlook has also changed as I now feel more positive and happy.

- HR Manager

You helped me understand what I was feeling and why I was acting the way I was. This has helped me greatly and I am generally coping better with life.

- Physiotherapist

Very informative. The tools helped me operate in a more appropriate manner towards my collegues.

- IT Manager

The Coaching helped me see another side of myself that I took for granted. The tools gave me a clearer knowledge of where I was and where I am now. The charts and scales were extremely helpful and insightful.

- Student

Maryanne gave me the opportunity to tell her if we didn't 'gel'. I feel that I've been on a journey and have come to the end, stronger and more positive and will continue to get stronger.

- Finance Manager

I do not belief that I would be where I am now without the help and guidance I received from you. At the times when I was very stuck you helped me to get some sort of order back, and helped me to see where I needed to put my energies.

- Asset Manager

We did win the cup in Ireland, it was a great break. The boys took on the techniques and really started to listen and share. They concentrated more, were confident and committed each time during practice. Thank you for all the help you gave me.

- Football Coach